Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Put on your surprised fact, but it turns out that when Hillary said that she had turned over all Benghazi emails pursuant to the Congressional subpoena....

....she was lying.

//The FBI successfully recovered nearly 15,000 emails previously deleted from Hillary Clinton's private server, and we now know that at least 30 of those emails discussed the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

These newly discovered Benghazi emails will add fuel to the fire surrounding Clinton's decision to use a private email server while she was Secretary of State and could raise further questions about whether she fully cooperated with an investigation into the attack that killed four American diplomats in Libya on September 11, 2012.

Even as this revelation adds a new dimension to Clinton's ongoing email scandal, it also brings the whole investigation back to where it started. It was the congressional inquiry into Clinton's handling of the Benghazi attack that initially uncovered Clinton's use of a private email server. After being ordered to turn over the content of that private server to the committee investigating Benghazi, Clinton's lawyers hastily deleted nearly 15,000 emails and claimed they were not connected to official government business. The FBI's subsequent criminal investigation of her use of a private server while being Secretary of State resulted in some of those deleted emails being recovered via a variety of different means and, well, now here we are back at Benghazi.

The Associated Press reports that the existence of the emails was confirmed by the State Department on Tuesday in a federal court hearing. The hearing was part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch, a conservative group that has filed federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuits seeking the disclosure of Clinton's emails. In response, the State Department said the FBI has turned over about 14,900 emails "purported not to have been among those previously released," the AP reported.

Previously, Clinton has told reporters and a congressional committee that all work-related emails were turned over last year—and even though these new emails may well turn out to be of a personal nature, it's hard to believe that any discussion by a sitting Secretary of State about a terrorist attack on a U.S. consulate would be completely non-work-related. The text of the emails will not be released for at least another month, while the Department of State reviews and redacts them, according to the AP.
America - Now with even more hope and change!!! Obamacare - 2016 //As President Obama admitted after signing the ACA into law, the aim of the health-care reform is really to provide affordable insurance, not care. Has it delivered on that score? Did we get affordable insurance? Since the ACA took effect, the cost of insurance has gone up dramatically just about everywhere. Our previously unaffordable health insurance is now even less affordable. Before implementation of the ACA, analysts were warning us about “sticker shock.” Their predictions have been confirmed. Premiums are higher; co-pays and deductibles are up. Where is our promised affordable insurance? Under Obamacare, insurance companies cannot afford to sell insurance because their costs have gone through the roof. UnitedHealth reported losses in excess of $500 million in one year, while Aetna lost $430 million. No for-profit organization can keep that up for long. So both have stopped selling Obamacare insurance. What that means is that even as insurance costs go up, options to purchase go down. Would you call that success? In sum, President Obama has saddled us with: - More insured people, but diminished access to care. - More spending, not less. - No affordable health care. - Less affordable health insurance. There are no Obamacare successes on which anyone can “build.//

Monday, August 29, 2016

Freedom - the split second between breathing one orthodoxy out and breathing another in.

Can you imagine the cries of censorship is the Fresno Fair refused to admit a painting that depicted a crucifix in a jar of urine?

Or outlawed walking on the American flag?

Artist sues Fresno Fair for banning Civil War painting depicting Confederate flag.

I get the feeling that the real motivation here is that Planned Parenthood simply feels entitled because of all the good work it is doing.

Half of Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid payments were fraud: Wisconsin auditor’s report

You can economize on everything except taxes.

Zerohedge writes:

The fact is, the overwhelming majority of the 95% we mention above is comprised of middle-class consumers who are bearing the brunt of the burden of rising health insurance costs.  In fact, a June Brookings Institution study found that middle-income households now devote the largest share of their spending to health care ever, 8.9%, a rise of more than three percentage points from 1984 to 2014.  Per the Wall Street Journal, since 2007 middle-class families have been forced to increase the share of their overall spending on healthcare by nearly 25% while cutting back massively on other necessities to cover the difference. 
So here in one simple chart is why President Obama's Affordable Care Tax is crushing the middle-class more than any other social strata...
Middle Class Spending on Healthcare
So, for those wondering why the "recovery" from the "great recession" has been so muted perhaps you need to look no further than the massive healthcare tax imposed on the middle class by Obamacare.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Not to generalize, but it seems that organizations that exist to defame the Catholic priesthood are guilty of defaming individual priests.

Federal judge issues sanction against SNAP for violating discovery orders.

After the priest was accused of being a child molester, he sued SNAP and others for a conspiracy to defame him on the grounds of being a Catholic priest. Then, SNAP wilfully failed to comply with orders to turn over documents, which resulted in the federal judge issuing sanctions determining that the conspiracy charge had been established.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Out - Global Warming.

In - Global Cooling.

The science is settled?

Tell that to Norwegian wheat farmers.

The warning signs have been there for some time now – persistent failures of the wheat crop in Norway for example. The North Atlantic is cooling. The cooling trend was evident at the time of an expedition to investigate this phenonemon three years ago. The rate of cooling has now steepened up since then based on the latest data collated by Professor Humlum of the University of Oslo. From that data set, this graph shows the heat loss since 2004 for the top 700 metres of the water column:
Figure 1: Monthly heat content anomaly in the uppermost 700 metres of the North Atlantic
As Figure 1 show, North Atlantic heat content peaked in 2004. The decline since the peak has been steeper than the rise. What would be the reason for 2004 being the peak year? Part of the answer may be that 2004 was the second peak of Solar Cycle 23 with a big increase in the proton flux. Another part of the answer may be that there was a big fall in the Ap Index in 2005 down to solar minimum-like levels followed, a couple of years later, by a discontinuity as the level fell through the floor of the established minimum level of activity. That is shown in this graph:
Figure 2: Ap Index 1932 – 2016
We might not care too much about the animals that live in the North Atlantic water column but the temperature of the surface is the main control on the climate of Europe. So what has that been doing?

For those Hillary-supporters who believe that corporations and foreign dictators made donations to the Clinton Foundation out of a concern for doing good works... ...put on your "surprised face." More than half of donors to Clinton Foundation got meetings with Hillary.
The Curley Effect.

Why are Democrat run cities such cesspools of dysfunction?

Because it filters out the riff-raff who won't keep voting Democrats back into power.

Prostitutes dancing on the sidewalk, fires in the street and a man being run-down by a car: Chilling video shows what it is like driving through Detroit at night

The many lies of Hillary...
....a never-ending drama.

Colin Powell rejects Hillary's attempt to blame him for her violation of the law.

//Of course she had, and for her own reasons. She wanted to hide as much of her business as possible from journalists and congressional committees seeking information on how she operated. Given the gross intermingling of State Department and Clinton Foundation business, this was only prudent.

If Hillary had her way, no one would know that Clinton Foundation honcho Doug Band tried to get donor Gilbert Chagoury a meeting with the recent ambassador to Lebanon, and Hillary aide Huma Abedin (who, amazingly, held positions at both the State Department and the foundation) was extremely solicitous.

No one would know that, in the latest revelation, when Band wanted the crown prince of Bahrain to see Hillary, Abedin coordinated with him on trying to set up the meeting.

No wonder that Colin Powell finds Hillary’s effort to enlist him as one of the justifications for her private server so galling. Over the weekend, Powell told a reporter, “her people have been trying to pin it on me.”

Referring to a description of his email practices he sent to her (at her request), Powell said, “The truth is, she was using [her private server] for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did.”

No one forced Hillary to use her private email for State Department business in a manner so flagrantly against the rules that in any other circumstance (i.e., if she weren’t the Democratic nominee for president), she would be vulnerable to sanction and prosecution.

And no one forced her and her husband to run their foundation as a vast pay-to-play scheme whose inner workings must be shielded from public view. That’s her responsibility and no one else’s — certainly not Colin Powell’s.//

Monday, August 22, 2016

Leftists usually go nuts about conspiracies of fatcat billionaires who purchase politicians to promote political objectives...

...but when it is George Soros paying $30 million to Al Gore to "create a political space" for attacking Global Warming, it's all good.

Apparently, the FBI has a very low standard of what constitutes "being truthful."

15,000 more emails that were not turned over to the State Department discovered by the FBI.

Media "unexpectedly" interested in activities of Billionaire financing Leftist causes.

The bizarre media blackout on hacked George Soros documents.

//Scandal: Leaked documents released a few days ago provide juicy insider details of how a fabulously rich businessman has been using his money to influence elections in Europe, underwrite an extremist group, target U.S. citizens who disagreed with him, dictate foreign policy, and try to sway a Supreme Court ruling, among other things. Pretty compelling stuff, right?

Not if it involves leftist billionaire George Soros. In this case, the mainstream press couldn't care less.

On Saturday, a group called DC Leaks posted more than 2,500 documents going back to 2008 that it pilfered from Soros' Open Society Foundations' servers. Since then, the mainstream media have shown zero interest in this gold mine of information.

We couldn't find a single story on the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, CBS News or other major news sites that even noted the existence of these leaked documents, let alone reported on what's in them.

Indeed, the only news organization that appears to be diligently sifting through all the documents is the conservative Daily Caller, which as a result has filed a series of eye-opening reports.

So what could possibly explain the mainstream media's disinterest?

Is the problem that the material is too boring or inconsequential? Hardly.

As we noted in this space on Monday, the leaked documents show how Soros' far-flung international organizations attempted to manipulate Europe's 2014 elections. The "List of European Elections 2014 Projects" details over 90 Soros efforts he had under way that year.

The documents reveal that Soros has poured nearly $4 million into anti-Israel groups, with a goal of "challenging Israel's racist and anti-democratic policies."

Here at home, they show that Soros proposed paying the Center for American Politics $200,000 to conduct a smear campaign against conservative activists.

More recently, an October 2015 document came to light showing that Soros' Open Society U.S. Programs had donated $650,000 to "invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement." Since then, several BLM protests have turned violent.

That same document details how this group successfully used its "extensive networks" to pressure the Obama administration into increasing the number of refugees it would take to 100,000, despite concerns that Islamic terrorists could use the refugee program to infiltrate the U.S.//
Transexual Mania.

The way that liberal elite culture has accepted the ideology of transexualism within the last 10 years resembles the Tulipmania craze of the Netherlands in the 16th century as everyone with the wherewithall to do so invested in tulips and tulip bulbs beyond reason.  Presumably the Dutch thought that the science of tulip-investing was as settled as moderns think that the notion of "gender fluidness" is settled.

But, wait!  There are dissident voices who have not yet been stifled by the straight-jackets of conformist ideology:

//A major new report, published today in the journal The New Atlantis, challenges the leading narratives that the media has pushed regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Co-authored by two of the nation’s leading scholars on mental health and sexuality, the 143-page report discusses over 200 peer-reviewed studies in the biological, psychological, and social sciences, painstakingly documenting what scientific research shows and does not show about sexuality and gender.

The major takeaway, as the editor of the journal explains, is that “some of the most frequently heard claims about sexuality and gender are not supported by scientific evidence.”

The belief that sexual orientation is an innate, biologically fixed human property—that people are ‘born that way’—is not supported by scientific evidence.

Likewise, the belief that gender identity is an innate, fixed human property independent of biological sex—so that a person might be a ‘man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’—is not supported by scientific evidence.

Only a minority of children who express gender-atypical thoughts or behavior will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood. There is no evidence that all such children should be encouraged to become transgender, much less subjected to hormone treatments or surgery.

Non-heterosexual and transgender people have higher rates of mental health problems (anxiety, depression, suicide), as well as behavioral and social problems (substance abuse, intimate partner violence), than the general population. Discrimination alone does not account for the entire disparity.//

The report is at The New Atlantis. 

Read it before the last copy gets burned.

Minimizing Carbon Footprints - like the law - is for the little people.

Hillary flies jet 20 miles for fundraiser.

When Leftists start acting like there really is a the crisis they preach, then I will be interested.

The Curley Effect...

...restrictive land use laws make states more liberal.

//But California’s failure to curb its overweening land use regulations migh also have another, less obvious, consequence: It could make the state even more homogeneously Democratic than it already is. According to a recent study from Jason Sorens of Dartmouth University (h/t Tyler Cowen), states’ land use regulations don’t just affect their economies; they affect their political complexions as well. In particular, Republicans seem to leave states as they tighten their zoning laws:
High cost of living deters in-migration of lower-income households, especially those that do not highly value amenities. Holding median household income constant, higher-cost locations will tend over time to attract and keep households that highly value amenities. It is hypothesized that these households will be more Democratic. Accordingly, raising residential building requirements in high-amenity areas should cause those areas to move gradually to the left.

In other words, Democrats, on balance, seem to be willing to pay a higher premium to live in heavily zoned communities, while Republicans would rather live somewhere with fewer amenities at lower cost. Sorens doesn’t determine why this is, but it’s possible to speculate: Perhaps Republicans are more likely to homeschool and therefore less concerned with school quality; perhaps they are more likely to drive and less concerned with public transportation; perhaps they place less value on a community being “environmentally friendly.”

Regardless of the precise mechanism, Sorens’ study drives home an important point: Coastal blue state NIMBYs aren’t just exacerbating segregation by income; they are exacerbating segregation by political affiliation as well. These patterns continue in a vicious cycle, and America keeps coming apart.//

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is never any bad news....

...and "bad news" means "doesn't fit the narrative of people needing government assistance and/or being nasty to minorities."

You know, stuff that would drive up the Democrat vote.

//Through it all, media coverage was so lacking that people living outside of the immediate area resorted to social media sites to updates themselves on what was happening in the area; using uploaded videos, pictures, and posts to piece together events and timelines, the pathways of the moving water, and how long the crisis would last. As cellular service failed, power went out across town after town, and families scrambled to find shelter, secure rescue, and just survive…news media coverage was virtually silent. A number of very good articles have been written about why, mostly speaking on the fact that the flood did not fit the narrative of entertainment the news media requires in order to garner coverage. The few articles that complain on the lack of national media coverage all have the same goal in mind… to get more media coverage on the event so that the scope of the tragedy can be known and help given to those people in need.
To accomplish this, they focus on the scope of the tragedy itself; as I resorted to earlier in this piece. In order to achieve the goal of coverage, those of us who care about the heartbreak in southeast Louisiana are forced to package it in those narrative frames of entertainment and historic loss in order to get anyone to care… and that to me is the larger tragedy. The tragedy is that strong, loving, cohesive communities, because of their strength and resilience, cannot be celebrated and assisted at the same time. That in order to be worthy of attention the very fabric of societal order has to have been sheered away; news media requires scenes that look like a zombie apocalypse, not scores of hometown heroes trying their best to rescue one another.
In these communities, families who lost everything feel guilty for letting someone give them money for a warm meal, because others have lost more. Neighbors organize care packages for people in the “devastated areas,” while floodwaters seep into their homes. Friends let friends of friends, and complete strangers off the street, sleep in their beds and on their couches because they have a place that is dry and some room to spare. People wait anxiously for the water to subside so that they can go and help their friends rebuild. Former high school classmates put up online lists of people to locate one another, connect with one another, and share supplies. The local fisherman run rescue missions through streets that have become rivers to rescue families stranded on rooftops and trapped on highways; forming a “Cajun Navy” of volunteers. And former residents travel from cities like Chicago and D.C., taking vacation days from work, to make sure longtime friends have someone there to help them remove the water-soaked sheetrock from their house.
No stories of looting, no stories of riots, no devolving of society to the lowest forms of humanity…instead a tragedy that has brought out the best in friends, family, and neighbors; people who help others before they help themselves…who see the assistance of others as an assistance of self.
Rather than reward that with aid and bringing the full force of our collective national attention to examples of what resilient and strong American communities look like when challenged…these communities are ignored and left to fend for themselves…simply because they can. The consequence of being a strong community is that your tragedy is not mentioned in national news, your strength uncelebrated, and your needs unmet unless they can be met through your own resilience. Humility and selflessly helping others does not fit the script of our news media… that is more of a tragedy than any flood.//

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Liberal Fascism.

Why is it that Trump supporters keep getting called fascist"...

...when the Brownshirt goons keep showing up on the other side?

//A group of aggressive protesters were caught on video harassing and assaulting Trump supporters as they left a fundraising event on Friday in Minneapolis.

“Racist!” one protester shouts in the video.

“This is how we treat racists!” another screams.

As the American Mirror’s Kyle Olson described it, the Trump supporters were essentially forced to run a “gauntlet” in order to leave.//

This seems to be a theme of this election cycle.
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