Friday, January 20, 2017

Great Moments in Fringe Media.

Chris Matthews is an idiot:

//Earlier, the topic of discussion was the White House power structure of Reince Preibus and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner when Matthews joked to co-host Rachel Maddow that “it’s hard to fire your son-in-law.”

Maddow responded “[t]hat’s why the nepotism laws are there,” but Matthews had other ideas that sent Maddow into a frenzy:

MATTHEWS: [B]ut Mussolini had a great solution to that. He had him executed. So, it’s —

MADDOW: Jesus, Chris!

MATTHEWS: So, if I were Jared, I’d be a little careful.

MADDOW: Well, all the people who are waiting for the reference to Mussolini have just started drinking.//

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fantasizing about assassinating the president is cool again....

...according to CNN.

The Party Uber Alles

After weeks of trying to create a moral panic about the fact that the DNC didn't have adequate computer security, Obama turns the narrative on its head by commuting the sentence of a person who used his position inside the military to give military secrets to Wikileaks.

The question is asked:

//Because Manning was granted clemency, shouldn’t the DNC hacker, whoever he or she is, be let off as well? Otherwise, the message seems to be that actual espionage against the United States for causes Obama seems to favor is just fine, but embarrassing the president’s party and his handpicked successor is a high crime against democracy.//

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Leftism has defined itself as an opposition to Middle-class morality.

What does it do when there is no Middle-class morality anymore?

//Progressives have found a rallying cry in their opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency. Whether in the New York Times, on the John Oliver Show, or in protests in the nations’ streets, they are insisting that Trump is “not normal.” News media and elected officials not considered critical enough of Trump are criticized for normalizing him and his ideas. Suddenly progressives, of all people, are deeply concerned about our culture’s long-held norms and traditions.

The irony in all of this is crystal clear. These are the same people who over the past few years have insisted that five-year-old boys becoming five-year-old girls is normal. They tell us that a guaranteed basic income and running for president as a Socialist is normal. Forcing Catholic hospitals to offer birth control, undocumented immigrants voting in our elections, and abolishing the police: normal, normal, and normal.

In Donald Trump, with his admittedly dangerous, devil-may-care attitude, progressives have stumbled upon the value of conserving norms and traditions. A president just doesn’t say these awful things about his opponents and the media. A president doesn’t tweet attacks at enemies late at night. A President doesn’t put a controversial figure like Steve Bannon a few doors down from the Oval Office.

But here’s the thing: it’s too late. We are way past that now. The Left let its freak flag fly. We all saw it. No normal is the new normal and there is no clear way back from that.//

The Racist Left.

ACLU official tells elderly white residents of city that they are not really residents of the city.

//An official for the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California mocked elderly white people at a city council meeting last week, telling them they had “five years left.”

Rialto, California, held a regularly scheduled city council meeting last Tuesday after a city councilman apologized for planning an event to discuss the possibility of Rialto becoming a “sanctuary city.”

Luis Nolasco, a community engagement and policy advocate for the ACLU of Southern California, stood up to speak at the city council meeting and attacked many of the white people present, saying they are not actual residents of Rialto.

Nolasco said, “This is my town.”

He said that the important part of the sanctuary city discussion is “who are the people we are talking about.”

The ACLU official said that “the people in this room are not representative of Rialto. Sorry to break it, but growing up here white people were the minority.”

“The reality is that black and Latinos are the majority of the city, and that is representative of the city, and that’s going to continue to be the case for future generations,” Nolasco, 26, added.

The city of Rialto is 72.4 percent Latino, according to a 2015 Census estimate.

“It’s kind of mean for me to say it but these people have probably like five years left,” Nolasco said while gesturing to the white attendees at the meeting. A video of the meeting shows that several of them were elderly.//

If it wasn't for double standards....

November 1, 2016 - Democrats say that Trump is dangerous for refusing to say that he will accept the results of the election.

January 18, 2017 - Democrats still refusing to accept the result of the election.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

This is making a mockery of men who wear dresses and demand to be called women., it is impossible to parody the left anymore.

Salon posts serious article about how book on "Homosexual Muslim Furries challenges Trump."

Expect to see a lot of this over the next eight years.

More Hillary supporters show what it means to accept the outcome of an election.

Does anyone think that Republicans would be doing this if the outcome had been different?

Organizing to trespass and destroy property sounds like a criminal conspiracy.

//On the day of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration protesters are planning an anti-capitalist march, road blockades and disruptions to inauguration balls. The protests will likely include property destruction, a source with intimate knowledge of the protest plans told The Daily Caller Friday.

The blockades are not limited to roads but will also be at every security checkpoint, the source said. The source added that the protesters blockading each checkpoint will represent a different liberal cause such as climate change or money in politics.

A group called #DisruptJ20 is the most active in the planned protests for the inauguration.

Organizers for #DisruptJ20 are planning to kick off the inauguration protests on Jan. 18 with a gay dance party outside of Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s Chevy Chase, MD home.//

Why is it that the Left has hoaxes, while conservatives have videos and hard evidence of leftist violence....

...and now death threats against disabled artists?

Why is the left such a cesspool of hatred against the disabled and artists?

//Opera star Andrea Bocelli backs out of singing at Trump's inauguration after receiving death threats

Blind tenor Bocelli announced he would not sing at this Friday's celebration

Widely reported it was because fan said they would boycott his concerts

Revelation came as another singer, Jennifer Holliday, last night pulled out //

Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's either Bush or Global Warming.

Nancy "We have to pass Obamacare to find out what's in it" Pelosi descends from the Mountain of Deep Thought to share her realization that the nine trillion dollars that were added to the national debt during the Obama administration were actually all BUSH'S FAULT.

In other news, Nancy Pelosi's unexplained, inexplicable continuing tenure as head of the Democrats in the House is also being blamed on George Bush or Global Warming.

The two unstoppable powers in this world Global Warming and George Bush, both of which are constantly generating amazingly contradictory results.

It is a faith thing.

Just go with it.

It's like you can't parody the Democrat left anymore.

Academic Leftists for Free Speech.*

Modern Language Association's attempt to take down pro-Israel Legal Insurrection Youtube channel fails.

*"Free Speech" being a term of art for "speech that the Academic Left agrees with."

The Narrative is watching you.

It is certainly solid evidence of white privilege that 85% of interracial crimes are committed by whites on blacks. This is clearly a holdover from the days of Jim Crow when whites would randomly lynch blacks in order to terrorize them. Today, racist whites use the power of criminality to oppress the black community by their disproportionate criminal activity against blacks.  We can no longer tolerate this racist......

Hmmm....what's that?

Actually, 85% of interracial crimes are committed by blacks against whites?

Clearly, irrelevant, and let's stop publishing this kind of dangerous, racist information.

//Blacks, in other words, committed 85% of the interracial crimes between blacks and whites, even though they are 13 percent of the population. This data accords with the last published report on interracial crime from the Bureau of Justice Statistics; the Bureau stopped publishing its table on interracial crime after 2008, the first year of the Obama presidency.

The violence in the Chicago torture video does not arise in a vacuum. Most residents of inner-city areas are hardworking bourgeois citizens longing to live in safety and in racial harmony. But the video opens a window into a culture that America would prefer to turn its eyes away from—and which it has helped create.

My questions are: Why did the Bureau of Justice stop publishing the data on interracial crime? And, how much of our crime stats are twisted or hidden from the public???

Friday, January 13, 2017

Obamacare - The End Begins.

House follows Senate in voting for repeal.
It is 2017 and everything is politics.

If the left can call a boycott as a political tactic, then why can't the president ask people to buy at the boycotted store as a political tactic?

It sure would be nice to go to a movie without having a political campaign break out.

//It’s a time when a movie was boycotted because the guy who wrote the beloved source novel hated Barack Obama. It’s a time when roving bands of outrage mongers decided that a random pizza place in the middle of Nowhere, Ind., needed to be destroyed because its owners refused to mouth the day’s proper platitudes. It’s a time when the phrase “hate chicken” makes sense. It’s a time when tech geniuses and artistic minds alike were deprived of their livelihood for daring support a political proposition in California. It’s a time when people attempt to organize boycotts of entire publishing houses because said publishing house signs a deal with a guy who annoys them. It’s a time when whole states are subject to sanction for laws about where people pee. To say nothing of Target and Starbucks and any number of rightwing reactions in response to this rediscovered responsibility to resort to economic warfare.

This is the time and place in which we live.

It is, frankly, not the world I wanted. The idea that the political and personal and professional should all be hopelessly intertwined—that we should all live a politicized life—has long struck me as foolish and unhealthy. But it’s the world we have. Hooray, you won: the politicized life is here to stay. Donald Trump shilling for outdoorsy athletic wear is really just the next step down the ladder. Now all Good Men must decide whether or not to boycott the company in an effort to impoverish their employees stick it to Trump or waste their money on political signaling help Make America Great Again.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy some duck boots or whatever.//

Thursday, January 12, 2017

My vote for Trump was predicated on the notion that the Media and the Deep State would oppose any Trump excesses.

I may have miscalculated the competence of the Media and Deep State.

If this is the best they can do, then we might all be in trouble.

On the other hand, this is still better than their cheerleading for Hillary.

New day, new president...

...assassination is chic, again.

If it wasn't for double standards, these people would have no standards.

 "A British GQ writer pondered on Twitter if President Obama could "murder [Donald] Trump and [Mike] Pence" and then pardon himself.

The tweet from Rupert Myers, whose describes himself on Twitter as a political correspondent for British GQ, has since been deleted. It was first reported by The Daily Wire.

Myers didn't apologize for the Wednesday post, instead stating he was joking."
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